We do things differently effectively and simply. More

of IT Environment

Our IT Automation can easily create complicated recurring job schedules, innovative capabilities in scheduling applications across enterprises.

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IT Consultancy and Transformation Services

We show you how to thrive in cloud ecosystem. Our experiences and certified team of experts provide  cloud  planning and implementation consultancy solutions to help you navigate your journey to the  cloud.

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Cloud Brokering
and Operations

Our Cloud Brokering and Operations is the comprehensive service assurance delivery to provide our customers with improved performance and monitoring at optimal costs.

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Web Development

We create responsive web applications and sites leveraging the most robust technologies in the industry.

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as a Service

„Monitoring“ is a crucial part for your IT system. Our services allows monitor IT components in one place to makes sure that everything is running as expected.

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About Us

There are many companies that offer cloud environment and whole scale of different IT tools and services. To manage such a complex infrastructure environment customer needs a very extensive knowledge about technologies. In T1 Solution we do things differently, effectively and simply. Our values are transparency and reliability.

Our Mission

We have a simple driving mission, to provide flexible cloud solutions and infrastructure as a code with no vendor lock-in strategy. We believe that every customer has the right to see the transparency in costs and system performance and utilization.

Quality and Reliability

Increase in the use of cloud resulted in increasing needs in system reliability. By delivering quality solutions, our experienced team build reliability of customer's systems in the future.

Infrastructure as a Code

We support no vendor lock-in strategy. Cloud service adoption to move data from one provider’s cloud environment to another allows our customers to choose the right provider that meet their business expectations and cost needs.

Costs Transparency

Our experiences show that our customers deserve to know true about practical usage of cloud - and their costs. Thanks to us, customers get the maximum information for your correct decision.

Become our Partner

T1 Solution has technological openness to IaaS and PaaS which provides us a flexibility of the cloud solutions market.
We need professionals and technology partners. We all want to learn more. Join us today and benefit from our opportunities.

What's new

Case Studies

The first iteration of project was developed and delivered for Apis Services s.r.o.  

Web Portal for Apis Services.

Solution Web portal for real estate services. Services Web development, web design, analytics and management. Customer profile. Apis Services s.r.o. is a company that has entered... Read full story

T1 Solution cloud specialists supported Tribe Digital with the various client’s projects focused on WordPress solution in public cloud environment.

T1 SOLUTION successfully support WordPress stacks in public cloud environment for Tribe Digital

T1 Solution cloud specialists supported Tribe Digital with the various client’s projects focused on WordPress solution in public cloud environment. Read full story