Solution Design and Implementation Services

We work in partnership with you to design and implement solutions that realize your business needs. Our expertise and experience in cloud environment, open source and commercial software development, Agile delivery methodologies and automation tooling including DevOps. We can help you achieve your cloud ambitions.

Services Features

  • Assessment of strategic objectives, drivers for change and technology choices
  • Designs for IaaS, PaaS, Serverless cloud and hybrid platforms
  • Evaluation of potential costs and value from technology choices
  • Roadmap for cloud service design, development, implementation and support
  • Built in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery from design conception
  • Our engineers/architects working alongside your own staff as one team
  • Solutions developed and cloud- best-practice guidelines in mind
  • Robust, flexible automation pipeline designs to accelerate delivery and quality
  • Cloud platform agnostic (Azure, AWS,VMware, etc.)
  • Wide ranging toolset expertise (Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, etc.)


  • A better understanding of the right solution for your business
  • A team with experience of design, Agile development and DevOps
  • Leverage business flexibility of built-in cloud platform services
  • Reduces capital and operational cost with commodity cloud services
  • Confidence to make informed decisions
  • Business satisfaction through accelerated IT service with cloud delivery
  • Option for T1 Solution to support the service after delivery

Additional information

We have an exceptionally strong DevOps capability that understands and knows how to design services consistent with the Best Practices Service Standard. We know what it will take to design, build and manage the provision of the highly available infrastructure components you require, and how to help teams to rapidly prototype, deliver, and run, high-impact and high-value services.

We use automation extensively to provision, monitor and scale cloud infrastructures, enabling new environments to be created quickly with minimal effort, thereby ensuring pipeline integrity is maintained consistently across all environments. We incorporate standardized but flexible approaches for building, deploying, securing and running live services.


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