Optimization and Efficiency Assessment

Working in close cooperation with customer to extract the maximum value from your cloud environment.

Optimization and Efficiency Assessment

Looking at your business needs and any existing application landscape, we assess how you are currently using cloud. Using our expertise and industry experience we create a balanced objective analysis of where improvements could be made.

Services Features

  • Independent assessment of your cloud platform, processes and costs
  • Suitable for all cloud deployments including: IaaS, PaaS, Serverless and hybrid
  • Evaluation of potential savings from efficiency/optimisation gains
  • Cost/benefit analysis of suggestions against OPEX/CAPEX return-on-investment
  • Assessment of current Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes
  • Review of tooling choices and architectural decisions
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) against business needs
  • Cloud platform agnostic (Azure, AWS, VMware, etc.)


  • An objective, independent assessment working in partnership with your organisation
  • Understanding of your current cloud OPEX and predicted future needs
  • Increased technical insight – making informed decisions with confidence
  • A better understanding of your environments, assets and efficiency
  • Impartial recommendations – we give honest advice tailored for you
  • A diverse team with deep experience of public/private cloud implementations
  • Confidence to make informed decisions about your service
  • Knowing where your gaps exist to influence future strategy
  • We deliver lean software-as-a-service solutions on public cloud

Additional information

We have performed optimization and efficiency assessments across industry to help our customers identify cost savings and/or process improvements that can help realize real business value.

To conduct such an assessment, we would deploy our staff into your teams to learn about your current and planned use of cloud.

We will:

  • Review and provide feedback on your cloud strategy
  • Perform a deep-dive into your current cloud spend to understand how this is weighted against business needs
  • Look at different consumption models for your current cloud approach that may yield cost savings using methods like reserved/spot instances
  • Assess other development models that may yield optimization improvements such as replacing traditional API servers with a container orchestrator or function-as-a-service
  • Look at how you can accelerate the value you derive from cloud by speeding up your software development life cycle or release process using continuous delivery and automation

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