Hadoop Deployment and Configuration

T1 Solution’s Hadoop configuration and deployment offering, provides a set of engagements that will help you acquire, design, build, deploy and manage all aspects of your Hadoop platform. We are a one-stop-shop that can provide the complete environment for you to perform analytics at scale.

Services Features

  • Design, build, configuration and deployment of a Hadoop platform.
  • Deployments can be on-premise, on cloud and hybrid cloud.
  • Operating, monitoring and support of the platform as an option.
  • Cloud migration and hybrid deployment models to meet data locality requirements.
  • Security design and configuration for authorisation, encryption, redaction and obfuscation.
  • Performance troubleshooting, optimising and tuning of large-scale data clusters.
  • Operational needs addressed as part of migration.
  • Maintenance, patching, upgrades and regression testing.
  • Tooling Big data Cloudera platform.


  • Improved performance through scalable, performant and robust analytics infrastructure.
  • Reduced risk of data loss, theft and exposure through stringent security measures.
  • Increased level of insight available through extensive platform capability.
  • Improved quality of service and user experience through proactive monitoring.
  • Reduced time and effort to production cluster readiness.
  • Reduced effort and risk in performing cluster upgrades and patches.
  • Flexible micro-service architectures.

Additional information

We draw upon industry standard reference architectures that are best fit for your business and technology goals. These architectures can range from enterprise data warehouse augmentation to all-encompassing hub-and-spoke deployments. We integrate new big data and analytics technologies with your existing systems so that analytical insights can be turned into value at the frontline.

Starting with infrastructure, we evaluate, select, procure and provision infrastructure that meets the most stringent security requirements. We implement next generation data processing platforms, to provide cost-effective and innovative ways of analyzing data. We tune and optimize existing platforms and implement platform upgrades based on functional and non-functional requirements.

We choose the most appropriate storage formats, encryption and access control mechanisms, and implement secure, standards-based APIs that allow data to be published and shared within and between organizations.


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