Cloud Cyber Security services

Services Features

  • Configuration and management of the External network perimeter components Fortinet FW and F5 WAF
  • Configuration and management of the Ext. network perimeter cloud components:
  • Elastic IP
  • NIC
  • Routing tables
  • Internet Gateway Ingress Routing•
  • Cloud specific network security: configure and maintain Network ACL, Security groups
  • Monitor and correlate security events, detect security issues (OCC)
  • Flowlogs monitoring, inspection
  • Troubleshoot firewall/WAF/cloud security components problems
  • Naming standards
  • Firewall/WAF/Security Groups/NACL rules configuration
  • Cooperation with vendor support
  • Support for incident and problem management
  • Initiation of 3rd party support (e.g. suppliers, developers, cloud support)
  • Standard encryption – cloud provider’s KMS (at-rest, in-transit)
  • DNS and NTP integration
  • Software maintenance (update/upgrade)
  • Cloud providers security services integration support
  • Firewall/WAF high availability support


  • Provides independent oversight and review of security posture
  • Maximises return on investment in cyber security controls
  • Enables continuous review and assessment of security controls
  • Provides continuous monitoring for cyber threats and anomalous behaviour
  • Provides planning and preparation for cyber security incidents
  • Provides priority response to cyber security incidents

What is Managed Cyber Security?

Every organisation, whatever their size, structure or sector, needs to be serious about security. It’s vital to ensure that your network and data are secured against malicious or accidental breach, your users know what to do (and what not to do), and that you comply with security regulations and recommendations.

In a world where malware and phishing threats evolve every day, your data can be viewed on multiple devices across the world, and users can compromise your network with one inadvisable email or click, keeping your information safe is an ongoing management task. Our managed cybersecurity service offers a comprehensive review of your security, recommendations and a plan for dealing with any issues.


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