Cloud & Infrastructure management services

Main Tasks

  • Manage cloud organization structure and hierarchy
  • Maintain/provide root access to the account/organization
  • Manage and maintain cloud limits
  • Contact cloud support / Allow cloud support access for the customer
  • AWS Trusted Advisor quarterly reviews
  • OS syslog central logging
  • Cloud network management - operate and maintain cloud specific network components:
    • Direct Connect
    • Transit Gateway
    • NAT gateway
    • Load-balancers
    • VPN cloud endpoint and gateway
    • Elastic IP
    • NICs
    • Cloud internal peering
    • maintain cloud network communication routing tables
    • manage cloud specific network security: Network ACL, Security groups
  • Cloud identity management (maximum daily request is 2, maximum number of maintained user without central AD interaction is 100)
    • Identity management (users, groups, roles, policies) maintenance
    • Maintain MFA settings for Console users
    • AWS Authorization keys maintenance
    • Log Identity and User operations in the cloud
    • Administration of authorization concept within cloud
  • Implement and manage corporate TAG directions
  • Synchronize tags between main CMDB and cloud providers
  • Basic metering and cost reporting
  • Maintenance of configuration item in CMDB
  • Maintenance of Cloud automation services related infrastructure - DNS, bastion, jump hosts, Active directory, CMP, WSUS, etc.
  • Cloud Management Platform, customer self-portal, service dialogs and catalogs
  • Central backup management and reporting
  • Initiation of 3rd party support (e.g. software vendors, developers, open source community)

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