Website for Apis Solution

Customer profile.

Apis Solution s.r.o. is a technology company headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, that focuses on high-end trusted security design and overall architecture for various cloud computing areas.

Our solution

Apis Solution came to T1 Solution, because they wanted to position themselves differently within their industry, and needed a new approach to their online presence.

T1 specialists developed a new website for Apis Solution with a professional look to build confidence and portray client’s expertise in the industry.

Mobile Experience

The new website is fully responsive on mobile devices, and the website pages are easy to navigate using different portable devices.

The Results

The new Apis Solution s.r.o. website is a rich source of information that is easy to access.

We created a fully responsive website that communicated Apis Solution’s highly specialized capabilities in a user-friendly way. We worked with the client to find the right balance of content and design that would deliver a modern look and feel.



  • In close cooperation with Apis Solution security officers Innovative Next generation Web Application Firewall Cyber Security Solution was designed, developed, trained and deployed for this web application.
  • Animation and effects were crafted implemented with passion
  • Seamless page navigation system was designed and programed for better user experience.


The new website is only the beginning.

We continue to work with Apis Solution to elevate their results, helping drive conversions and visibility.