Web Portal for Apis Services.

Customer profile.

Apis Services s.r.o. is a company that has entered the real estate market, in the South Moravian Region, especially in the Brno area, which specializes in a selected portfolio of smaller apartment units.

Web design was developed for both desktop and mobile devices.

Custom CMS was developed especially for clients’ needs.

Czech cadastre integration was made, web portal has database of all real estate items in the country:

  • 142 – districts
  • 5313 – municipalities
  • 14188 – localities
  • 80634 – streets
  • 2920547 – houses

Complex booking system was implemented.

360° panorama tour system was developed for a better representation of real estate property.

Special full text searching and indexing system was designed.



Basic SEO optimization was made for this project.

Clients’ web server was fully configured by our specialists for a better security, reliability and performance.

The project was implemented by our highly skilled web development department using cutting edge technologies and project planing techniques.

Apis Services is a long term project, currently we are working on the 2nd version of the project using Continues Integration approach.

“T1 Solution Web development team as led by Dmitri performed great job in the web development. The web specialists are responsive, they communicate clearly solution and have a very good knowledge of front-end and back-end web technologies.”

Mr. Nowotny, Apis group