Transition to Cloud based Zadara Storage

Customer profile.

RWE is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies.

Customer profile

RWE is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies.

• It was time to replace on-premise EMC storage arrays
• Need to obtain higher performance
• Improve overall stability of SAP and e-commerce applications
• Transition from CapEx to OPEX as a service model

Decision process

Performance was a key requirement during the evaluation cycle. T1 Solution, their integration partner explained “RWE’s SAP application had significant spikes in activity and the previous EMC arrays could not keep up with the peaks in I/O demand. Since deploying the Zadara Storage solution, RWE has addressed their performance issues, resolved their stability concerns and they now have a scalable environment to support future growth.”


• Replaced EMC with Zadara Virtual Private Storage Array with Backup to S3 (B2S3)

Implementation and migration

The RWE IT CZ organization was facing performance, stability and scalability issues with the current storage infrastructure supporting their SAP HR application and their Lancelot e‑commerce application. They turned to their trusted integration partner T1 Solution to help them identify alternatives to their existing EMC storage arrays. After testing a variety of solutions including EMC, SoftNAS and Zadara Storage, RWE IT CZ chosed to proceed with the Zadara Storage VPSA, including the Backup to S3 (B2S3) option which enables VPSA data to be backed-up to Amazon S3 compatible storage.

“RWE is an excellent example of a worldwide corporation who saw the value in cloud-based, storage-as-a-service and decided to move away from the 3-5 year purchasing, managing, replacing cycle,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO and co-founder of Zadara Storage. They resolved their performance, stability and scalability issues while gaining all of the agility and flexibility benefits of cloud-based, storage-as-a-service. Best yet, they never need to worry again about replacing their storage because it grows and evolves with them.”


• Transition to new cloud-based, Storage-as-a-Service model
• Stability and scalability dramatic improvement
• Improved SAP application performance by 20%

“We were also pleasantly surprised with the agility of the Zadara solution. Once we made the decision to proceed, the solution was installed and operational within 48 hours. We were quite impressed with the flexibility and agility of the architecture.”
Martin Götz, Managing Director, RWE IT Czech, s.r.o