T1 SOLUTION supports CANCOM in helping 22 EU institutions on their cloud journey

Initial situation and concept

Within the total number of 22 participating EU institutions in 14 Member States and financial volume of EUR 65 million, the EU Interagency Cloud Services Broker FWC is one of the largest interinstitutional framework agreement in the cloud computing what involves automation, transparency, security, data protection and cost efficiency. A broad portfolio of proven and well tested cloud services from all the world’s leading providers can be autonomously and fully automatically booked and managed. Furthermore, such provided services might be, on request of customer, loosely accompanied with professional consultancy services in order to address   all needs might happen as in individual so in standardized cloud services to implement.

Our tasks

As an established cloud technology provider, T1 Solution substitutes CANCOM in as private so cloud transformation projects within the EU Interagency Cloud Services Broker FWC where works as a CANCOM strategic partner mainly focuses on the following areas of mutual cooperation:

  • Cloud Consultancy
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Automation
  • Cloud Monitoring and Event Management

Furthermore, T1 Solution is responsible for submission of right solution proposal in order to address the best possible solution based on pre-agreed criteria to given customer within present EU Interagency Cloud Services Broker FWC. What means after identifying customer business goals, T1 Solution as well as CANCOM specialist works closely as one team with our clients to outline an architecture using prepared Cloud Computing building blocks to support your application.

Provided Services

  • Cloud Architecture Consultancy Services
  • Backup-as-a-service (B-a-a-S) architecture analysis, design & implementation
  • Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DR-a-a-S) architecture design, consulting and implementation
  • Microsoft O365 and Azure
  • Solution for avoidance of cloud vendor lock in
  • Cloud transformation / adoption consulting and project lead
  • Automation of Cloud Governance

Added Value

  • Audit-compliant use of cloud resources
  • Secure customer data safely
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Direct comparability of services and providers
  • Quick provision of self-service, on-demand access to end users
  • Solution which is cloud vendor independent