T1 SOLUTION successfully implemented and designed an effective DR and data replication remote site for EU public agency

Initial project requirements were to identify business critical application for advanced data protection against possible failure of HW/SW components, but also against unpredictable disaster events which might occur.

Disaster recovery as a service in the private cloud was the chosen solution to fulfill analyzed customer needs for highly available disaster resistant application and data protection. Target solution is built on active/active and active/passive application data replication over the secure network connection between agency’s local data center and remote DR site prepared and configured in the geographically separated Private cloud. Automated and semi-automated failover and failback procedures are part of the solution.

Customer’s critical applications are now fully protected against technical failure or disaster event, important systems replicas are ready at the remote site location to takeover applications functionality if such event occurs.

Failover and failback procedures are prepared and provided to the Agency’s IT staff to easily manage application failover and failback to the Remote site and back to the local office data center.