T1 SOLUTION implemented NetApp ONTAP solution in public cloud environment

About the customer.

GasNet is the operator of the largest gas distribution system in the Czech Republic. It provides reliable and secure natural gas supplies for more than 2.3 million customers. GasNet has a roughly 85% share in the distribution of natural gas in the Czech Republic and manages 65,000 kilometers of gas pipelines.


The project scope

To improve operation and security standard for business critical system like SAP systems and includes Document management systems, GasNet decide to implement storage solution based on NetApp technology, solving the various challenges coming out of customer requirements.


Technology partner

NetApp Inc.



The Challenge

The project goals are the following:

  • set up High Availability delivery model across two availability zones in multi VPC environment
  • improve RTO and RPO parameter
  • reduce the storage data capacity and optimize disk capacity for future demand


AWS Solution combine with NetApp ONTAP

These targets have been achieved through the adoption of NetApp ONTAP HA cluster solution. T1 Solution as the implementation partner was responsible in solution design and implementation to leverage benefits of this technology in public cloud environment to bring best possible value for customer and safely maintain this solution as a Storage as a Service.

The major components of the of the whole solution are:

  • NetApp ONTAP (CVO) - 2 HA clusters with 50TB of client data
  • NetApp mediator
  • NetApp Cloud manager
  • Amazon S3 - for cold data tiering and DR copies
  • Amazon EBS – for hot tier storage, GP3


The benefits

  • Security – data are more secure within the 2 availability zones, RPO is 60s and RTO is 4 hours instead 24 hours
  • Performance – dramatically improve IO and latency instead ca 200 ms in peak the result is 5ms now
  • Data capacity – additional disk capacity available on-demand
  • Optimize costs – with advanced storage efficiency methods (deduplication/compression) and cold data tiering to S3 the costs were significantly reduced up to 70% per application

“T1 leading partner for Storage managed cloud services. Technical skills, quality of service delivery, and overall employee competency are high. I would definitely recommend T1 Solution as a partner for your storage activities..”

Zbynek Riha, infrastructure manager, GasNet