T1 SOLUTION delivered a strategic concept for infrastructure

Customer profile.

E.ON Distribuce, a.s., one of the biggest energy distributor in the Czech Republic. It operates and owns an electricity distribution system in southern Bohemia and South Moravia and a gas distribution system in southern Bohemia, and we have data on these distribution systems.

The project scope

The aim was to analytically process and quantify the future needs of individual business areas in the OT environment, and these needs are based on the defined "ECD Business Strategy".

The main business OT areas for the needs of this concept are:

  • SCADA VVN / VN, NN, ZP, and OMS
  • Cyber​​security
  • Measurement and Smart Metering
  • SmartGrid (IoT)
  • Communication, resp. connectivity


The project responsibility

  • Identify critical security areas and future threats in the field of smart technologies and identify in structured way policy areas that are or may be gradually applied in the area associated with the critical technologies
  • To ensure data and operational needs - the aim is to define the quantified future data growth related to individual technologies, expected operational demands on the infrastructure to meet the operational needs of the given areas
  • Define all internal and external influences - the aim is to describe the key influences that may have an impact on individual areas, e.g. legal requirements, regulatory conditions


T1 Solution consultants led us in the most natural way through the complete process and proved their declared high level knowledge and a huge experience in both areas of Operation and Information Technology. Personally, I appreciated their helping approach

Martin Zlamal, ECD