Migration of mission critical system to Cloud

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RWE CZ, subsidiary of RWE AG and a group of RWE East, has migrated its SAP HR system into the public cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is at least an important step towards the rapid shutdown of the RWE Data Centre in Brno. Shut down is planned by the end of the year according to current plans..

Decision process

“AWS was chosen as a cloud provider for migration because of the estimated savings potential, the high capacity of the AWS Cloud and its high degree of flexibility as a cloud provider for migration,” the Essen Group Headquarters said. Moreover, several certifications, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, would have been used by the service provider. The IT from RWE CZ wants to fully exploit the flexibility of the cloud solution and has also streamlined change management.


By using AWS, RWE CZ has implemented an agile, cloud-first approach that is central to its plans for growth. Having successfully moved its SAP HR solution to AWS, RWE CZ has cut its operational expenses by 12 percent compared to running the system on legacy on-premises hardware. It also reduced its physical data center footprint, which is helping to make the firm more energy-efficient.

AWS compliance of certifications for ISO standards help RWE CZ to ensure that its sensitive data is secure at all times. The project has also proved that the company’s data is safe in the cloud, paving the way for the migration of other RWE CZ mission-critical systems to AWS.

RWE CZ is taking full advantage of the flexibility that working in AWS provides. It no longer has to provision hardware and, as a result, it can deploy software and resources in one day compared to six to eight weeks in the past. This enhances the service it provides to the business, gives employees faster access to applications, and helps improve productivity across the organization.

With the successful migration of its SAP HR system, RWE IT has a blueprint for extending its use of cloud services and ensuring that other parts of its business can benefit from the high capacity and flexible provisioning of AWS. RWE CZ is on track to migrate all its systems to the AWS cloud by the end of 2016.