Migration and Operation Service in AWS environment

Customer profile.

Innogy as a member of MVM group focuses on the supply of natural electricity and heat to customers, combined heat and gas, power generation in district heating plants, and clean mobility solutions.

T1 Solution supported innogy company with ongoing operation cloud services. Led technical cloud infrastructure migration project for enterprise landscape as SAP system (IS-U, BW, PO, Solution Manager, etc.), DMS system, WebServices, sales and purchase energy systems and other applications. Solving various challenges based on customer requirements was included as a part of the delivery.


T1 Solution as a trusted cloud services partner focused primarily on the following areas:

  1.  Analytical cloud consulting services associated with the architecture of the AWS environment, migration strategy, security for the cloud environment
  2.  Migration services – transfer all services in the project scope to the new AWS environment
  3.  Parallel service operation during the migration – IaaS, PaaS, Storage, SAP systems, Cloud Network


The key figures

  •   Cloud environment – 1 organization, 15 accounts, 19 VPC, 90 subnets
  •   Instance IaaS / PaaS / Storage – 263 / 53 / 7
  •   SAP Systems – 29 SID instances and 18 standalones


T1 helped us with migration and post migration into a new infrastructure cloud environment during the structural separation from iČR. Currently they provide us with related infrastructural services by  qualified, competent and technical skilled staff. Thanks to their reliable and quality services we can recommend them as an infrastructural partner“.

Petr Boháč