Backup and DR solution for IO Frog

About the customer

We create a Sigfox based IoT platform you can connect and manage devices from worldwide manufacturers. IO Frog may help you with monitoring of cars, packages, parking spaces, doors, air quality, gas tanks...anything within the range of a signal.


The Challenge

As part of enhancement project to prepare solution for enterprise environment, solution needs to have back solution and simple DR setting to protect application stack for business running operation time. To fulfill enterprise security policy solution needs to have this additional setting. The major challenges were to find the best technical and economic solution for the application stack and to be compliance with the client security police and standard for RTO and RPO and automatize these activities.


AWS Solution

Based on the client requirements we used the following solution:

  • EBS backup – daily EBS volume snapshot for OS and data volume with the retention of 30 days, managed by custom scripts and proper tagging
  • DB backup – daily DB dump store in custom S3 bucket via custom scripts and proper tagging


The benefits

  • Solution full fil application governance standard and security policy to able used this solution it the enterprise environment
  • Setting RTO and RPO
  • Reduce manual work for operation activities


“It looks like a simple solution but for my business means a lot. It helps me to achieve and implement the solution into the enterprise environment where the client has very strong requirements from IT governance and security policy. T1 specialists have good and deep knowledge of AWS solution.”

David Zencak, Chairman & Founder, IO Frog