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T1 Solution has technological openness to IaaS and PaaS which provide customers with a flexibility of the cloud solutions market.

Over the years we have developed know-how using the combination of reliable infrastructure and cloud provider tooling to deliver the best quality services to our clients during their cloud journey.

Why T1?

Why T1?

Our solution is based on “infrastructure and cloud platforms” with a range of configurable modular solutions such as Automation, Service catalog – IaaS, PaaS, Security and Brokering.

This solution shifts traditional IT into a “trusted advisor”, linking infrastructure providers with end-users.

Our T1 Team?

We are always looking for the best talents, who are passionate about what they do. We come from different experiences and technology backgrounds, but we share one common goal - to go with customers through Cloud Journey.

We are independent, trusted experts who bring transparency and automation to your fast-moving environment.

Our T1 Team

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Founded in 2014 in Brno in the Czech Republic, we are purely technological company with many years of industry specialization. In 2017, we have established the new office in Chisinau, Moldova. In 2016, we were one of the first companies in our EU region to move a true enterprise data-centre to public cloud environment, for one of the biggest utility group in EU. Other enterprise customers case studies which followed, include private and public sector.

We believe in high transparency, unification, standardization and auditable infrastructural eco systems which present a clear transformational shift in IT. This means that consumption, planning, migration, integration, transition to and operation of cloud platforms must be approached in a brand-new way, with new solutions and a fresh set of skills. This is achieved through embracing not only cloud technologies, but also by adopting new culture and processes through the introduction of methods such as DevOps, continuous integration and continuous development and delivery.

Our business is underpinned by our own cloud operation services and we supply and use best in class cloud-ready framework from different technology providers to manage the combined infrastructure environment on a true 24/7 basis, in an ISO 27001, ISAE 34002 certified environment. When delivering projects and team augmentation we provide our own engineers, consultants and architects, and we pride ourselves on treating our employees as individuals. Our team was carefully hired, trained by us and external certification and training centers.


We see sponsorship as a great opportunity to participate in our common world commitment, passion to build relationships, meeting new interesting people and carry out of our social local and international commitments.

By this approach we can achieve continuous change that are proven to make an impact. Every opportunity provides an experience.

Our areas of sponsorship are following:

School sponsorship                /                Science and Technology                /                Research and Development

Opportunities are built around us, we all can participate.

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T1 Certification

T1 Solution s.r.o (Brno) and T1 Solution S.R.L. (Chisinau) have certification for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Standard.


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