Our solutions

as a Service

Monitoring“ is a crucial part for your IT system. Our services allows monitor IT components in one place to makes sure that everything is running as expected. The solution is open for integration with various service management tools enables to fullfil ITIL process. The services has ability keep historical values which helps you analyse and predicate IT components behaviour.

Icinga2“ is our main centre solution which is used for monitoring of your network, servers and applications in a secure (SSL) and reliable way (HA).

Core functionalities

Performance Oriented

Icinga2 is built to be fast, thanks to its multithreaded design.


Combine high availability clusters with a distributed setup.

Rule based Configuration

Monitoring as code with dynamic configurations.

Performance Monitoring

You can send performance data gathered by the monitoring plugin directly to the third party tools.


When a problem occurs, you will be notified.

Scalable and Extensible

Icinga2 can monitor large complex environments across multiple locations.