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IT Consultancy and transformation services

We show you how to thrive in cloud ecosystem.

Our experiences and certified team of experts provide cloud planning and implementation consultancy solutions to help you navigate your journey to the cloud. Except this we provide consultancy in area of migration guidelines and disaster recovery scenarios, preparation of service catalogues and Cloud Brokering consultancy to meet your business needs.

Flexibility enable us to work on-site as well as remotely.

IT Consultancy and Transformation
Services Portfolio

IT Consultancy
in area of Automation

The success of our customers on their individual missions is mostly determined by their ability to collect, analyze, process and provide information and data in an efficient way.

Cloud consultancy services we acknowledged as one of the most important prerequisites to maximise business efficiently and satisfy the requirements of our customers.

IT Consultancy in area
of transformation to Cloud

We work with you from the early stage of analysis current environment and processes, to assess possibilities of your applications for the cloud, consider the right platforms at acceptable costs, and define a cloud journey and roadmap for cloud transformation and growth.

If a customer prefer to change a Cloud Service Provider, our Consultant determines the necessary resources together with the customer and creates an appropriate transition plan.

IT Consultancy Offering

  • Cloud journey analysis, identification of Cloud strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Cloud Service Provider analysis and process and costs optimisation
  • System migration guidelines, preparation of migration strategy to ensure a smooth and successful migration to Cloud
  • Robust infrastructure and application automation
  • Development and preparation of effective Disaster Recovery scenarios based on use of cloud

We help you to choose the best and cost effective cloud solution.