Our solutions

of IT environment

In recent years the technological development of IT had been finishing an era of „IronAges“ associated with manual activities and is starting time of cloud „Cloud Age“ with an emphasis on speed, dynamism, flexibility and simplicity.

This product framework supports "Infrastructure as Code" principles like single central management, use of definition files, own documentation system for keeping service availability and maintaining service continually.

Key parameters

Central Management

IT Automation gives customers visibility to what is happening. Ability to easily, centrally manage deployment of IT and across the infrastructure and geographic environment.


By coordination of process steps we accelerate and save resources, maintain logical integration between the various technical teams.

Speed and Delivery

Assure real speed of IT service delivery regardless the complexity of your environment.


Limitation of IT service downtime associated with manual interventions in the IT environment. Load balancing feature is achieving zero-downtime.

Business Automation

Reducing manual activities, routine day to day operation related activities. Nothing can be forgotten by fully automated process and workflows which are reusable.


"Infrastrucutre as Code" based on

Single Central

One central access to research environments that are controlled by automation layer. We eliminate 90% of operator manual errors and increasing quality of data.

Definition Files

All configurations are kept in the configuration folder that triggers clearly defined activities without manual intervention. Updates are carried out under a defined set so that they are sustainable. This approach ensures rapid deployment of significantly large number of servers.

Self System

Performed activities are automatically recorded without manual intervention. Changes are traceable and auditable within the code allowing to monitor ongoing changes.

Service Availability

Maximum commitment necessary for system maintenance (e.g. security patches, system upgrades, system copies) on the environment without impacting system operation with minimal system downtime.